The Drake Tax


57d 42m 10s S, 64d 09m 35s W

So it began. The southern trek through the Drake passage. Traveling at an average of 12 knots, we were making good time. We learned about sail boats that take 3-4 days to cross this part of unpredictable waters. Sometimes you can get calm conditions (called the Drake Lake) but for the most part it was rough seas. Our companions were the mighty Albatrosses. Passengers spotted the Wandering, the Southern Royal, the grey-header and the black browed. I just marvelled at these amazing flying beasties who live on the ocean. Smaller birds, the White Chinned, Southern Giant and Black-Bellied Storm Petrels gave us some extra shapes to follow.

Sadly, most of this time I was spent down in our cabin on the 3rd deck. Yes, the sea did not deal well with the KImberly, but it was good time for reflection and reading. We had ice & snow up on deck with 40knot winds which prevented me from taking in the sea air and savour 360 degrees of land-less beauty (I do find the open sea to be just beautiful). I did pay the Drake Tax. But read on, it was worth it.

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