Farewell to Tierra del Fuego

Our trip had come to an end, but the memories of the amazing scenery, experiencing the native fauna and their antics, and the juxtaposition of extremes, be it weather, temperatures, colours, remain strong. At the end of the day, Robert took over 1500 photos, most likely of much better quality than my 1000 quick shots. I am looking forward to deciphering my video taken en route, hoping to catch the sounds of the animals and capture the motions.
About 24 hrs hours, after departure from Tierra del Fuego, we were back in Boulder, Colorado, where spring appears in form. We left with snow on the ground, trekked around first to a land of windy grasslands & bendy beech trees, then went to experience the land of ice & snow (which did not disappoint), only to return to the land of pine trees and mountains at 6000 feet. The world is just full of beauty! It was an honour and privilege that I got to experience a new part of the world, and best of all, share it with Robert.