Arrival in Buenos Aires


34d 49m 54.0s S, 58d 32m 26.1s W (WP021)

We had about four hours layover between arriving at the international airport Ibeza (EZE) from Houston, TX, USA, and transporting ourselves to the coastal (Atlantic) domestic airport Jorge Newbery (AEP). We pretty much almost used all of it, but we certainly had time to spare. I had not been prepared for the mugginess of B.A. I know it’s late summer down south, but with all the emphasis on having to pack lots of cold-weather gear for the Polar Pioneer and having left Denver, CO, USA, in a snow storm, cascading through a hot & muggy airport in winter gear, stripping as I went, will ever remain in my memory.

On the bus ride across the city, we spotted lots of cars which had been pulled off the road in search of shade, even if the road was a four lane motorway. It had a sense of “organized chaos.” From my small viewpoint, there were loads of uncollected garbage in many places, having later been told that due to the current economy woes, various social services are running months behind.

We did not, on this trip, neither outbound or return, spent some time in the colonial city. From the air, Buenos Aires stretches for miles and miles. At night, it lights up an area the size of a South American country.

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