Patagonia & Antarctica 2012

I transcribed my travel notebook to create my first travel-log-blog-style covering Feb 6-Mar 1, 2012.

Departure Day

Or you can check out a selection of photo stills from our recent trip to southern Patagonia (Argentina) and the Antarctic Peninsula in February 2012.

Here are Robert’s amazing photographs or Perito Moreno Glacier,  Antarctica, and his working drafts of other photos from this Argentina-Patagonia and Antarctica trip.

In my slideshows below, photos have been downgraded in resolution to provide for faster download. Feel free to contact me if you like any of the photos. All photos taken by me.

Part 1:  Feb 7-Feb 16, 2016 (Patagonia)

Highlights from El Calafate, El Chalten, Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego

Part 2:  Feb 17-Feb 22, 2016 (Antarctica)

Highlights from S. Shetlands (Aitcho & Half Moon Islands), Fridtjof Sound, Tabular Icebergs, Sea Ice, Brash Ice, Brown Bluff, Gourdin Is., Gerlache Strait, Wilhemina Bay & Paradise Bay.

Part 3: Feb 23-Feb 28, 2012 (Antarctica)

Highlights from Lemaire Channel, Pleneau Is., Vernadsky Base, Penola Strait, Port Lockroy, Jougla Pt., Gerlache Strait, Cuverville Is., Deception Island & Cape Horn.

Zoomable map of the waypoints

Maps of the waypoints: